Tangible transformations

Benefiting from EMBA

Executive MBA alumni talk about their time in the program as exhilarating, heady, and intense – a time that changes the way they think about leadership, global business, problem solving, and team building. In short, the EMBA experience is a transformational one.

These transformations take both tangible and intangible forms – with intangible benefits helping drive tangible benefits.

On the intangible side, EMBA students are exposed to a wealth of invaluable knowledge that broadens perspectives, helping them become better decision makers. The Executive MBA experience also offers a focus on personal development and leadership, nurturing greater self-awareness that supports personal and professional growth.

On the tangible side, the pluses are clear for EMBA students:.

  • Valuable network of peers, fellow business leaders from diverse industries
  • Development of global business mindset
  • Career growth, often accompanied by increased compensation and greater leadership responsibilities

Salary gains

The 2022-2023 EMBAC Student Exit Survey revealed that graduates who responded to the survey reported receiving a 23.9 percent increase in compensation – combined, both salary and bonuses – while in the program. Here's what the numbers looks like:

$193,215: Salary upon entering EMBA Program*
$239,312: Salary upon leaving EMBA Program*


Sea to Ski
Alumni Voice - Alexander Marin

Charlie Robbins turned a business plan that his EMBA team first developed into a thriving business.

Robbins had served as president of his family’s business, but when the family sold the business, he decided to enter the Executive MBA Program with an open mind. He interviewed with several companies, but the lure of another entrepreneurial possibility attracted his attention. He started discussions with a venture capitalist to launch a service company with headquarters in one of Utah’s most beautiful resort communities.

Robbins enlisted the talents of his EMBA student group, who agreed to build a business plan for the idea of a Park City property management company as part of the team’s final project. At the end of the program, Robbins decided to turn the plan into action.

“I couldn’t have done it without them,” says Robbins, CEO of Sea-to-Ski, premier home management. He stays connected to his colleagues, who take an interest in the growing business. “It’s like our baby,” he says. “We all share a bit of pride in seeing it blossom.”

Satisfied students

Recommended program
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Support as alumni
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*Based on results of the 2022-23 EMBAC Student Exit Survey with responses from 1,188 graduates, mostly from U.S. EMBA Programs


The number of Executive MBA Programs has grown dramatically since the first program – from 11 in the 1960s to more than 300 EMBA Programs worldwide.