Careful considerations

Preparing for EMBA - Questions to Ask

It can take some time to decide what you want and then search for programs – some students may begin thinking about the EMBA Program one to two years in advance of applying.

In weighing the merits of different EMBA Programs, asking the following questions may help in the evaluation of program options:

  • What types of opportunities does the program offer?
  • What career services are offered?
  • When do classes meet?
  • What international opportunities are offered?
  • Who are the faculty?
  • What is the reputation of the faculty?
  • What courses are offered?
  • Are electives offered?
  • What does the program do to promote leadership development?
  • What is the typical class profile?
  • What kind of results have students had?
  • What services are offered?
  • What is the cost of the program?
Looking closely at the strengths and emphases of EMBA Programs during the selection process can help students maximize their own ability to differentiate themselves. The Search and Compare offer prospective students a way to match interests with the strengths of a program.


Executive MBA Council research also reveals the most important factors to a group of some 1,400 students who just entered the program at the time of the survey. Students in the survey ranked the following top five factors that they considered as they selected EMBA Programs:

  • Quality of faculty
  • Location/geographic setting of campus
  • Program format
  • Reputation of school
  • Quality of classmate