Diversity and reach

Worldwide Options

Business schools throughout the world offer Executive MBA Programs. In fact, EMBA Programs are available in almost every corner of the world. Most of the recent growth in EMBA Programs is occurring in non-North American locations.

Many EMBA Programs have developed in response to industry needs, which has increased the diversity and breadth of EMBA offerings. Specialized EMBA Programs may serve the medical industry, technology industry, and other industries, or they may be developed to meet the needs of a specific organization.

Spotlighting EMBA Program highlights offers an opportunity to share news about recently launched programs, revised curriculums, and the results of innovative classroom activities, as well as focus on program diversity and the stories of EMBA students and alumni.


Sales Director
Ames, Spain

During the first year of his EMBA Program, Ronald Tichelaar’s company, Ames, SA, opened a new plant in Spain. “I was in charge of the commercial side of business development, he says. “But I had no clear vision of how to proceed.”

Tichelaar took what he learned from the program and developed a strategic plan for the new plant. The work proved successful. The plant launched with 15 employees, and now has 50 employees. “Our sales have grown from 30 to 50 percent each year. This would not have been possible without a strategic plan.”

Tichelaar, who was promoted to sales director, points to another advantage – the multiplier effect – that happens as others in the company benefit from his education. “The program gave me good tools that I could share with my company.”

Worldwide representation


More than 7 percent of programs have a specific industry focus.